When talent is available in a different geography and you still want to control the deliverable’s scope and schedule, your best bet is to fragment your work to be outsourced to offshore, nearshore and insourced.

We live in a globalised world today and that comes with opportunities and challenges. Traditionally the work is performed either by employees of the organisation or a contractor who undertakes the work assignment. When the work assignment undertaken by the contract or is in a different geography, we call it outsourcing of the work.

Outsourcing gives an organisation the opportunity to avail availability of skilled talent in a different geography at a lower cost than its own operating market. So, what was difficult to achieve earlier is now becomes eaisly possible. Many organisations worldwide has ustilised the enormous potential of taping into this opportuity and outsourced their work to many countries. India is in the forefront in receiving knowledge based industry outsourcing work. Imtac has setup an offshore services unit in Bangalore which provides various technial skills and other required facilities for such outsourcing work.

Over 3 decades, Imtac has gained a world of experieince that its customer have gone through in executing complex technology project. Many customers feel that the work outsourced to another geography gives them reduced controll on the project as the work is done in a alien place by an alien team. Imtac, brought forth the concept of "Right Shoring" to address all such concerns of our customers by providing all possible "in-country" values that would make a customer put back in complete control. Right Shoring is a flexible method and a flexible concept of fragmeting the work into 3 sets namely insourced scope which is done onsite, outsourced scope that is done nearshore and outsourced scope that is done in Bangalore. Rightshoring gives the customer an everyday opporunity to have involvement and access to the work progress, while it give all the benefits of the cost arbitrage and the availability of the the best talent pool in the world.