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Over the last 3 decades, imtac has been providing Services to various marquee clients, primarily for Government and Enterprises in its operative markets. Many of such projects assignments were of national importance and were first of its kind.

Central Bank of Oman

Central Bank of Oman | Oman

Real Time Gross Settlement System(RTGS)
Real-time gross settlement systems (RTGS) are specialist funds transfer systems where transfer of money or securities takes place from one bank to another on a "real time" and on "gross" basis. Settlement in "real time" means payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period. The system is the core component of the National Payment systems for the settlement of time critical and large value payment instructions of the RTGS participants for inter-bank and customer payments, and for settling multilateral net clearing position of other payment systems.
Sultan Qaboose University

Sultan Qaboose University | Oman

SQU is the National University Of Oman and has been a user of DOBIS/LIBIS Mainframe based Library System. The project was to migrate the mainframe based LIS to Open Systems based Solution. An extensive Library Management System was implemented which includes various modules such as Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Client Services, Searching, Serials, WEB OPAC, Circulation and Billing. The system was equipped with a powerful Search Engine.
Port Services Corporation

Port Services Corporation | Muscat, Oman

Integrated Port Management system
imtac has implemented a completely Integrated for Port Services Corporation. The System provides for Up to Date On line information for the Management of the Port. This product was built based on Oracle technology.
Bahrain Defence Force

Bahrain Defence Force | Bahrain

Oracle EBS Implementation
This is one of the largest Oracle EBS project done in the region, for the implemetation of Financials and HR system for the entire Bahrain Defence Force, covering all the three Services. Project included implementing the GL, AR and the AP modules and Oracle HR & Payroll using Oracle Application. The main objective is to have an online system and avoid redundancy of data entry at every level of operation.
Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality | Dubai, UAE

Planning system for Road transport network
Automation of Public Transport Network enabled Dubai Municpality to publish the public bus timings for the benefit of the people who are using the service of PTD(Pubic Transport Department). With the implementation of this system, scheduling buses, drivers on all defined routes based on the traffic conditions during peak and off-peak hours with seasonal changes become more reliable and much more predictable.
Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City | Dubai, UAE

Healthcare Information Reporting and Analysis System (HIRAS)
Dubai Health Care City(DHCC)’s Centralized Data Warehouse is dubbed Healthcare Information Reporting and Analysis System (HIRAS). HIRAS is used to receive, store, measure, analyze and provide reports on a number of clinical quality and performance indicators. In addition to create a CDR(central data repository, the project also covered building integration APIs and data capture extensions to enable the tenants of DHCC to submit their clinical data to the Center for Planning and Quality(CPQ) which was the regulatory body of DHCC.
Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior | Oman

Majlis Al Shura Election - 2015
A successful election requires meticulous planning, designing, developing and testing of the balletting, vote counting, communicating progress, adjudication, announcements systems. It was an extreamly challengin project as there was no second chance to rectify any problem and redo the work after the target date of election.
Central Bank of Oman

Central Bank of Oman | Oman

Automated Clearing House(ACH)
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an automated system for clearing of electronic files of direct debit and direct credit instructions between banks on behalf of their customers. These payment instructions are typically for high volume, low value funds transfer transactions such as salaries, pension, dividend payments etc.
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education | Oman

Carriculam Management
imtac has implemented a complete State-of-art Curriculum Management /Books Production System for the Ministry Of Education. The System automates the entire process of Book Production and provides an efficient means of handling this process. The System consists of two parts, Desktop Publishing and Book Database. The Desk Top Publishing handles all the pre-press functions related to the creation of the Books. It allows for Text Entry, Graphics Capture, Page Layout, Proof Reading, Error correction, Draft Printing and preparing a Final Electronic Format to provide to the Printing press. The Book Database holds the entire book related information and provides an easy means of Searching, Indexing and Revision Control
SQU Hospital

SQU Hospital | Oman

Hospital Information System
imtac has developed the following financial and administration systems for the hospital. The main functional areas of the Administration system are as: Payroll & Personnel, Recruitment, Budgeting, Stock Control, Purchasing. IMTAC has also customized and implemented a fully integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) from HBOC (formerly Gerber Alley), a leader in the U.S. Medical Market. These systems include: Census Registration, Medical Records, Radiology, Pharmacy, Laboratory (Biochemistry, Haematology, Anatomic Pathology and Microbiology), Nursing & Patient Care Plans, Staff Scheduling.
Oman LNG

Oman LNG | Oman

Financial Management System
imtac has implemented a fully integrated ERP solution to one of the prestigious client of imtac with latest technology. The company had its headquarters at one place and different branches and site offices. The Financial Series of Sunsystem ERP Software suite has been implemented by Imtac across the entire LNG. This provides highly functional capability, customisation and flexibility and strong consolidation features across the companies.
Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian Ciy

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian Ciy | Riyad, KSA

MS Dynamic - GP and IBM MQ Series
Implementation of MICROSOFT Dynamics-GP ERP system for SBAHC a prestegious hospital in Riyad and Integration with MedTrak HIS System using IBM MQ
Ministry of Man power

Ministry of Man power | Oman

Labour Card Application Process
The Ministry is responsible for authorising and monitoring expatriates working in the Sultanate. The project involves setting up real time labour card issuing process from various locations of the Ministry. The system has central database in Muscat. It has been implemented on a Turnkey basis including supply of specialised printers, other consumables along with manpower for supporting and co-ordinating the printing of the labour cards.
Renaissance Services SAOG

Renaissance Services SAOG | Muscat, Oman

ERP Software - Solomon IV Financials
Renaissance Holdings SAOG (RHS) is an Oman based Group that specializes into four core business areas namely, Technology, Education & Training, Contract Service and Media & Distribution and also makes diverse strategic investments. The group required an ERP software platform that will not only be suitable for the diverse activities of the group, but also will look into their future needs and help in financial consolidation of all the group companies at Group/Corporate level. The Financial Series of Solomon IV mid-range ERP Software suite has been chosen and implemented by Imtac across the entire RHS group.
Central Bank of Oman

Central Bank of Oman | Oman

Electronic Cheque Clearing(ECC)
Electronic Cheque Clearing (ECC) is an online end-to-end functionality in a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) form, directly from the teller/branch level passing to the CBO clearing for settlement purposes, ending up at the paying bank for inward clearing and return processing
Ministry of Electricity & Water

Ministry of Electricity & Water | Oman

GCC Statistical Analysis System
Statistical departments of Electricity & Water ministries of all AGCC countries collect statistical information regarding the performance of Electricity and Water generation and distribution systems of their respective country. Main objectives addressed by the system includes creation of general outlook of the region, exchange of various information across the GCC nations, facilitate statistical analysis based on relevant information, inculcate the habit of using same terminology across the region etc..


Web Portal
The project involves upgradation of the existing static website into a dynamic data driven portal application. The requirement was to provide the secured statistical information, which was available on a UN site. It was providing a gateway to the world of information to the authorised, registered visitors/companies in Oman.
Central Bank of Oman

Central Bank of Oman | Oman

National Payment Switch (OmanNet)
OmanNet: Management and operation of the National ATM & POS Switch popularly known as OmanNet, comes with state of the art technology platform with the highest international security standards, for real-time authorization of ATM and POS transactions throughout Oman, and in other GCC countries through direct links with Switches in other GCC countries.
Yemen Gas Company

Yemen Gas Company | Sana, Yemen

Integrated office Automation System
The System has been implemented to ease the Cylinder Tracking and Computerized Financial Management. The system is for a Industrial Medical Gas Production & Filling company, comprises of modules Test & Repair Centre, Cylinder Data Maintenance, Purchasing, Gas Filling Floor, Inventory and Distribution as be-spoke developed modules. These modules are integrated to back-office Solomon IV Financial Series Database that consists of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable as modules.
Oman LNG

Oman LNG | Oman

HRMS System
Oracle Human Resources is a comprehensive suite of Application for managing Human resources in large Organizations. The project involves implementation of Oracle HRMS release 11i, Oracle Payroll, Oracle Training Administration, Oracle HR Self-Service.
Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour & Vocational Training

Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour & Vocational Training | Oman

Employment Portal
This is an ambitious project to streamline and promote the local recruitment in the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry helps to fine suitable employment to the disabled, and also to young people of the Sultanate.
Information Technology Authority

Information Technology Authority | Oman

e-Tendering System
The eTendering project of Sultanate of Oman is a Joint Venture between C1India and Imtac. C1India is an domain expert in E-Procurement and E-Tendering area. With Imtac’s presence in the infrastructure domain in the Sultanate of Oman, this JV proved to be perfect. C1India is the Software application provider and Imtac provides the infrastructure, support and Helpdesk management for the project.
Sultan Special Forces

Sultan Special Forces | Oman

Oracle DB , forms & Reports Upgrade
Upgrading oracle DB from 9i to 12C and upgrading oracle applications (Budget, Procurements ,Payroll ,HRMS ) from 4.5 to 11g R2 using oracle weblogic
Muscat Municipality

Muscat Municipality | Muscat, Oman

Upgrading Oracle CRM
Upgrading Oracle CRM from R11.5 to R12.1.3 & I Support . This project is to update Internal Services and E-Services like (Building permits , Rent Contracts, Municiplility licenses)
Ministry of Social Development

Ministry of Social Development | Oman

Cheque Management System
Design,Development and Implementation of a new system for Cheque Tracking & Printing to automate printing cheques and all internal transfers inside the ministry between all departments and external transfers to the ministry.
Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health | Oman

Academic Management System
Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance | Oman

Taxation Portal
Tiger Profiles & Insulation

Tiger Profiles & Insulation | Oman

Ms-Dynamics - GP implementation
Sohar Industrial Ports Company

Sohar Industrial Ports Company | Oman

MS Dynamics CRM
Design, Development and Implemanetation of Customized Microsoft CRM solutions. The project is to create platform for information visibility across the organization, via processing information from finance, commercial, and relevant departments of SIPC, to create central customer database, in order to enhance business performance as well as contract management.
Sohar Free Zone

Sohar Free Zone | Oman

Planning and Control Management System (PCMS)
The proposed system is to maintain, monitor and control capital expenditure budgets and Revenue expenditure budgets. This project is to deliver a comprehensive solution to create a Master budget plan definition, budget revisions during the year, Budget approvals for contracts and expenses including the integration with their Financial System (Microsoft GP).
Al Habib

Al Habib | Oman

MS Dynamics CRM
Implementation of Microsoft CRM and customization for Sales enquiry and maintenace services.
Al Kamil GP Implementation

Al Kamil GP Implementation | Oman

MS Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 - New Vanilla Implementation of GL, AR, AP, FA and Cash/Bank.
Sohar Free Zone

Sohar Free Zone | Oman

Budget Management System
The project is to develop a budget maintenance and monitoring system which would maintain, monitor and control capital expenditure budgets and revenue expenditure budgets in Sohar Free Zone (SFZ) . IMTAC delivered a comprehensive software solution covering master budget definition, budget divisions during the year, budget approvals for contracts and expenses including integration to GP data for capturing actual expense against a budget. The system provided MIS reports covering budget overruns, budget vs actual, impact on overall budget, budget status indicators.

OARC | Oman

MS Dynamics AX
Implemented Microsoft AX 2012: Finance (GL, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank and Cash Management), Procurement, Inventory modules are implemented at OARC.
United Media Services

United Media Services | Oman

Distribution Management System
The proposed project is aimed to carry on their day to day distribution activities such as publication receipt from supplier, allotting to the Customers, distribution to the customers and sub-contractors, invoicing the customers, managing the returns and supplier invoice generation & settlement.
Al Habib

Al Habib | Oman

MS Dynamics CRM - Valuation
Design, development and implementation of CRM for valuation department as part of MS Dynamics CRM. Al Habib is one of the few firms authorized to evaluate large properties in Oman.
Salman Stores

Salman Stores | Oman

MS Dynamics AX
Implemented Microsoft AX 2012: Finance (GL, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank and Cash Management), Procurement, Inventory, Retail modules are implemented at Salman.
Al Batinah Power Company

Al Batinah Power Company | Oman

Management Information System - Customized Business Inteligence Reporting Solution based on Microsoft SSRS and ASP.Net Custom Framework. This solution provides Financial KPIs and Technical KPIs.
Al Habib

Al Habib | Oman

MS Dynamics AX
The project is to upgrade existing ERP (Microsoft Dynamics GP) to Microsoft Dynamics AX – 2012 R3. The complete implementation covers the following modules in AX - 2012
  • > Finance – General Ledger
  • > Cash and Bank Management
  • > Budgeting Module (GL Level)
  • > Fixed Asset Management
  • > Accounts Receivable
  • > Accounts Payable
  • > Reports in all above areas of business (Standard AX Reports)
  • > PMS Integration with AX – 2012 R3
Oman Chlorine SAOG

Oman Chlorine SAOG | Oman

MS Dynamics AX
The responsibilty is to do the project management of implementing core modules of Microsoft AX 2012 R3. The implementation covers:
  • > Finance General Ledger
  • > Accounts Receivable
  • > Accounts Receivable
  • > Cash and Bank Management
  • > Fixed Assets
  • > Budgeting
  • > Procurement and Sourcing
  • > Inventory Management
  • > Sales and Marketing
  • > Human Resources and Payroll

OARC | Oman

Environment, Health & Safety System (EHS System)
The proposed system is maintaining their activities in order to anticipate and prevent circumstances that might result in occupational injury, ill health, or adverse environmental impact. Using the system OARC can register any case and assign the case to the responsible technicians and track the work progress based on the action taken by the technicians. This system provides the verity of reports including the graphs and charts. The EHS system is integrated with their financial system Microsoft AX 2012 using web services.
Sohar Industrial Ports Company

Sohar Industrial Ports Company | Oman

MS Dynamics CRM - Upgrade
The project is regarding upgrading MS Dynamics CRM from 2011 to 2015 to enhance their business performance as well as contract management.