imtac as a software product company prepared for the future growth, with the key challenges like constant innovation, product portfolio maintenance, technology landscape evolution, cost control and shorter product development lifecycles.


In this era of information technology and advanced communication, the answer to good governance is Technology enablement in governmental processes. e-Governance has enabled route to better governance for the citizens.

eGovernment applications implemented by imtac empower citizens and businesses to transact government business on line E-government would benefit the nation's progress. These applications also improve efficiency and accuracy in which the government business is conducted and thereby empower citizens. Imtac's core expertise in deploying governmental systems goes beyond building generic advantages such as high availability, telephone-based citizen service etc. It covers up-to-date and complete information supported by real-time computer databases, ePayment gateways, citizen's portal and citizen kiosk.

Electronic Tender Management


Government process automation and budget control

Electronic correspondence management

Citizen Engagement systems


Banking & Financial

Banking Financial & Insurance industry (BFSI) technology solutions are our nerve centre of application services operations. imtac has over two decades of experience in providing high performance financial technology solutions that are running in most of the large financial institutions and regulators. Our focus is on leveraging current technologies to simplify highly complex systems and processes to enhance operational productivity and risk mitigation. imtac's banking services offering is strongly differentiated with focus on inter-bank transaction system, National payment and settlements systems, Treasury and capital markets solutions and Risk management systems.

Payment Settlement systems

Clearing House automation

Inter-bank payment switch

Corporate credit management solutions

Anti-Money laundering systems

Fraud control systems

Mobile Payments



While the travel industry has always been dynamic and data intense, the 21st century has introduced a host of additional complexities. From competing destinations and the consolidation of worldwide services from multiple suppliers, to mobile and multichannel proliferation, the travel and leisure sector has rarely been so competitive, or so challenging.
Consumer demand and awareness has always ensured the travel industry has developed at a rapid pace. The consumer has driven the use of new technologies, new devices, new channels and new revenue opportunities.

Hospitality solutions


Life Science

imtac believes that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which Healthcare is delivered in most efficient and cost effective manner. imtac's Clinical Technology division addresses the technology needs of the Healthcare sector of Oman and focuses on an integrated approach to deliver end-to-end solution to care providers by combining its expertise and experience in hospital products supply, maintenance and services. We offer best in class clinical technology solutions in partnership with industry leaders.

Academic Management System

Hospital process automation systems



imtac's approach to help enterprises to achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our deep domain expertise. Our approach also encompasses analytics and insights, our unique Business Process as a Service models, and business process management. imtac's Learning Technology solutions include equipment and systems used in the process of developing human capital. In the Digital Era, children as well as adult population are growing up in vastly changing context. The industry needs skills in the area of electrical, electronic, mechanical, air-conditioning, automotive, mechatronics and civil engineering. imtac with its large portfolio of products and services addresses the needs of basic, vocational and higher technical education sectors.

Self Service portals

Business process management & workflow soltuions

Application modernization of legacy systems

Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business intelligence solutions

Enterprise application integrations

Content management

Cross Industry

imtac has been a poineer in providing horizontal and vertical solutions for its customers across industries. Our ecosystem of technology and solution providers from all over the world provides an array of software solutions for which we have built a centre of excellence at our operating geographies. Be it specific products such as ERP, CRM, EDMS, CMS products with customisations and other services, Or bespoke application development, modernisation of legacy systems, analytics and Business Intelligence etc., our readiness to provide consulting, engineering, implemnetation services has always been comparable with best in class internations technology service providers.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Customer relationship management

Human Resource Management & Payroll

Electronic asset management

Document management system (EDMS)

Center of Excellence

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